Pro Choice for the win!

Why free access to contraception and abortion is necessary. Or: why we are Pro Choice and why Pro Life actually means No Life. Five good reasons.


One. Pro Choice stands for bodily autonomy.

Pro Choice means that everyone can make their own choices about whether they want to bear children or not. So this is about people deciding for themselves what happens to their lives and their bodies.


Two. Pro Choice is all about life.

Even when abortions are forbidden, they still happen. It’s just that in this case they don’t take place under medically safe conditions but in some dimly lit back room. This endangers the health and life of millions of pregnant people every year. People who fight for free and safe access to abortions want to eradicate that danger.


Three. Pro Choice is revolutionary.

In our current society the state is incessantly trying to regulate the development of “its” population. This happens in accordance to the needs of the state’s economy or of its own institutions. One of the means to this end are abortion laws, along with parental paid leave, limited kindergarten spaces etc. An actually free decision will only be possible in a fundamentally changed society.


Four. Pro Life means other people deciding about your life.

Pro Life is a euphemistic label that was invented by fundamentalist anti-abortionists. Those people are not interested in building a good and self-determined life for everyone. Instead they want to assert their own anti-pleasure and hostile world views. They think that whoever is able to bear children must do so. In their world there is absolutely no room for sex for pleasure, contraception and relationships beyond the typical small nuclear family.


Five. Pro Life means misinformation.

Many Pro Life organisations stop at nothing to force through their ideology. They demonise anyone who has had an abortion and call them murderers, they ramble on about what they call the “babycaust” and start rumours about made up illnesses.

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