Step out of line – Interview with the antifascist youth meeting First Step

We talked to Anna and Arthur from First Step, the antifascist youth meet up about their political group, big goals, and small hopes.

UP: Please introduce First Step to us. Who are you and what do you do as a group?

Anna: First Step is a political youth group. Whoever would like to be part of it can just come by. Interested people are always welcome. Our meet ups look like this: either we talk about social criticism or we work on small(er) practical projects. That basically means there’s workshops, discussions, printing…

Arthur: … also there’s always food and after we’re finished people often stay for a bit to just hang out together. What might also be good to know is that First Step has only existed for a relatively short time. So we’re still figuring out what’s the best way for us to work. Learning by doing, so to say.

UP: That’s a great segway to the next question. How did First Step come to be in the first place?

Arthur: We think it’s important that there are spaces where young critical people can exchange thoughts and ideas and make politics together. We had been missing a thing like that in Vienna, so we decided to just start one ourselves.

Anna: We were also influenced by our personal experiences. Some of us had been in Antifa youth groups before and found the experience rewarding. Others would have liked to be in an antifascist youth group but unfortunately there was none in their town.

UP: So, where are you going with the whole thing? What’s your goal?

Anna: We want a society where everyone can live free from fear and poverty. Discriminatory ideologies and an economy that’s not interested in people’s needs and wants are huge obstacles for such a society. This is why we think several basic things will have to change radically. Right now that goal seems rather unattainable. But even though everything’s headed more in the direction of barbarism than in that of a free society, we’ll continue what we do. Experiences with people who share our ideas and dreams give us hope.

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